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Conscious Packaging & Delivery

It is important for us to recognise the impact that our industry has on the environment. We want to look at the bigger picture and reduce our environmental footprint at each stage of our business where possible We aren’t there yet, but we have introduced some new changes which are a big step in the right direction.  

The In Store Carrier Bags

All the bags used in our stores are Recyclable and Biodegradable. 70% of the bag is made from recycled material which means that they will degrade much faster than non-recycled papers such as cellulose or regular plastic bags. The bags are also completely biodegradable! The material used in the bags production comes from wood, meaning that the paper will degrade in approximately 1 year, leaving no trace. Our supplier has a PEFC/FSC certification, which ensures that all the paper used originates from sustainably managed forests.  

Order Packaging

As part of our drive to reduce our plastic waste, we now use 'I'm Green Polyethylene bags' which derive from Sugarcane instead of Fossil Fuel.  This means that when you order online, your packaging is carbon negativerenewable and recyclable! 


The production process

*For items that need it, we may use additional bubble wrap inside our recyclable bags. It is also likely that we receive products that are already wrapped in plastic packaging, so please be aware that you can expect some plastic inside our eco packaging bags* 


Parcelforce Worldwide are our chosen courier and they have expressed their commitment to continually improving their environmental impact. By introducing detailed tracking and communication via email and text, priority is given to first time-delivery success. Parcelforce Worldwide aim to ensure that your orders are delivered on the first attempt, in effect reducing fuel consumption and the release of green-house gasses.  
Parcelforce Worldwide have also started to introduce eco-start delivery vans. The engines cut out when the van is stationary, thereby lowering their carbon emissions whilst out on delivery routes.
You can also return online purchases to store, which makes returns easier and lowers the harmful green-house gases that are emitted through courier demand.  


What is coming next?

We are working to introduce click & collect in our stores in the near future. This will allow us to deliver lots of orders to one collection point which will reduce the need for individual delivery journeys, thereby reducing the greenhouse gases emitted during the delivery process.