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Ethical Brands


As a significant part of our ever expanding 2Sustain Initiative, we're proud to partner with brands who share our commitment to the environment, and share our drive to positively contribute to the global effort of eliminating needless damage to our surroundings.

We think it’s important that you guys know about the brands you are supporting when you become part of the Two Seasons community. Lots of our brands have important ethical credentials, such as etnies 'Buy a Shoe Plant a Tree' program and Saxx’s men's mental health activism. These are only possible because of you.  Read on to find out about the range of sustainable technologies and charity work that Two Seasons brands are involved with. 

Vegan Footwear


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‘Buy a Shoe Plant a tree’

Etnies have also partnered with Trees For The Future as part of their ‘Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree’ project. The aim of the project is to get consumers involved in international reforestation, simply through shopping. Each time a pair of Etnies Jameson 2 Eco is purchased, one tree will be planted by Trees For The Future.  The project has been a huge success, and together Etnies and Trees For The Future have planted over 2 million trees since 2011!

BLOOM Foam Technology

You might have noticed ‘BLOOM Foam’ being highlighted in the product descriptions of our Etnies footwear.  BLOOM foam is plant based, and it’s formulated with algae bio-mass that helps to remove ecologically harmful algae blooms from the environment, whilst simultaneously reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.  WIN WIN. This environmentally conscious foam is used for the soles of numerous Etnies footwear model such as the Jameson Preserve, that can be found on our site here.  


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About the Materials


BamBooBay first recognised the opportunity to utilise bamboo and produce affordable and quality produce environmentally conscious clothing which offers a soft, unique feel and next to skin breathability. Bamboo crops are one of the fastest growing on the planet. Fertilizer is not necessary for Bamboo cultivation and the root network continuously sprouts new shoots which means it does not need to be replanted. This also improves the condition of the soil and helps to prevent soil erosion. Some chemicals are needed in the process of converting natural fibres within Bamboos walls meaning that the products cannot claim to be chemical free, however this is still better than most traditional methods. Bamboo fabric is notably soft and comfortable. The Fabric offers UV protection and also helps to naturally regulate your body temperature – keeping you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. The Fabric also has Antibacterial properties keeping your clothes fresher for longer and is also hypoallergenic meaning that it is far less likely to cause an allergic reaction or rash!


Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is more desirable than conventional cotton, for environmentally conscious brands and consumers alike. Hazardous synthetic pesticides are banned in organic farming, meaning that fewer toxic chemicals are being released into the environment, which simultaneously reduces farm workers exposure to toxic chemicals. Not only do the methods and materials involved in Organic Cotton production have less of an impact on the environment, but this process also actually helps to replenish and maintain soil fertility. Organic cotton is grown on soil that is healthier as farmers use techniques such as composting to enrich the soil.  This soil then soaks up water (like a sponge) during floods and holds on to it for longer during droughts.   Furthermore, organic cotton farmers rely on rain water to produce the cotton, which in turn relieves the demand for precious water supplies in local communities.   

Overall, Organically grown cotton requires 88% less water, and uses around 60% less energy in production.  


Not only is the material used for BambooBay products carefully selected, so are the printers. Shirtworks are accredited by organisations such as The Fair Trade Foundation, The Living wage Foundation, and Fair wear and these provide the eco-friendly inks. You can read more about how they are supplying Ethical, Fair Trade and Organic Cotton T Shirts here.


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Picture's Goal: To provide a true, sustainable alternative to conventional industrial production.

Picture products are made from 100% recycled, organic or responsibly sourced materials.

sustainable manufacturing


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Through their partnerships with Trees for the Future, Eden Reforestation, One Tree Planted and Plant With a Purpose, Tentree have now planted trees across the world, from Madagascar, to Indonesia, Senegal, Canada and Peru. Click Here to read more.

Not only do Tentree act to help reforest the planet, they also aim to identify and reduce their environmental impact of their water use, waste and carbon emissions generated during the production process. They tackle this through their commitment to sourcing environmentally friendly materials.      

Organic cotton, Tencel wood and Recycled Polyester (formulated from plastic bottles), are just a few of the responsibly sourced materials utilised by Tentree to produce their goods. The brand has also recognised the utility of hemp, using the natural and sustainably sourced fibers to produce ethical clothing. Hemp also has other benefits as the fibres are naturally anti microbial and have UV resistance.

The fundamental core values driving Tentree reflect a commitment to protect and preserve our planet. Tentree's new season products will be dropping on our website very soon, in the mean time please shop our other sustainable products here.


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The crossover collection

Brixton launched their Crossover collection with sustainability in mind. The idea behind the collection was to explore the point where fashion and function intersect, utilising recycled fabrics to produce classic designs that will provide breathability, stretch and durability. The collection utilises recycled materials such as Bureo Fabric, which is constructed from discarded nylon fishing nets that wash up in coastal south american communities. Brixton's iconic Crest Crossover Tee is also made up of 100% recycled materials, with 5 recycled plastic bottles and 23 pounds of fabric scraps being reused to produce each shirt.


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As part of their efforts to reduce their impact on the environment, Element have also expanded their use of organic cotton. This cotton has been grown without the harmful chemicals such as fertilizer or pesticide, which in turn prevents this toxic chemicals being released into the environment and minimises farmers exposure to such chemicals.  Additional benefits of organic cotton include the improvement of soil quality, reduced water use and an overall healthier eco system. Any items produced with organic cotton can be found on our sustainable collection page.    

Element have also collaborated with The National Geographic to produce a 'future' collection focused around the desire to help people understand our world and expand their knowledge. In line with this, a portion of the revenue produced from the collection is dedicated to support The National Geographic efforts in aid of science, exploration, conservation, and education. You can support their efforts by purchasing our ElementXNatGeo Manifesto T-Shirt here.

 A step in the right direction?

You may notice that some of the Element classics such as the Topaz C3 skate Shoes have a distinct pattern on the sole.  This is because the soles of the shoe are with made with a recycled rubber. The shoes also have organic cotton uppers and laces to further reduce the environmental impact generated through the production process. 


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Cotopaxi foundation

Cotopaxi tie their earnings to impact by allocating 1% of annual revenues to the Cotopaxi Foundation. Through the foundation, they award multi-year grants to outstanding non-profit partners like the International Rescue Committee (IRC), Mercy Corps, and Nothing But Nets organisations carefully selected for their track records at improving the human condition. They focus on health, education, and livelihood in areas that have the highest potential to address systemic poverty.