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The Community Circle

The Community Circle

So, we're guessing you've noticed a few changes around the place, not least this:
Understandably, you might assume its simply a new logo or rebrand, but beneath the exterior, lies a deeper meaning that encapsulates everything Two Seasons was, is and hopes to be.
So we'd like to elaborate.

The Community Circle


"To empower all communities with the freedom of expression"

Designed to represent all that Two Seasons stands for as a company – the circle represents a number of things pertinent to 2S. The 4 sections represent the 4 core pillars of Two Seasons; those being Surfing, Snowboarding, Skateboarding and Outdoor Lifestyle. Now these distinct pillars may indeed be their own things, however together they combine to form what who we are – branches of the same tree, or in this case - sections of the same community, our community - and if you remove a part, the whole ceases to be. 

The colours stand not only to represent the differences between the rock of a mountain on a hike and the flow of water in the ocean, (and everything in between) but also that we, like the subcultures we are part of, don’t care about background or appearance – if you have a passion for Surfing, Skating, Snowboarding, Skiing or Outdoor Lifestyle, you’re one of us, and that's all that matters.

Circular shape carries connotations of being complete, being whole or ‘one’. This idea of oneness means a lot of things to us here at Two Seasons - whether that means being one with your board, one with the sea or the with the slopes. Central to our ambition as a company is to get as close to total sustainability as possible, whilst positively impacting the environment, and help do our part to heal the Earth - bringing us closer to being one with our natural environment.

We also wanted to respect our own history - those of you out there who have supported us since our beginning in 1983 will remember our origins in Tennis - and so in the Community Circle we embedded a subtle ode to that heritage, whilst setting our sights firmly on the future and what it holds for us. 

For the circle is the shape with infinite edges - infinite possibility, and an infinite number of new discoveries to be made.


Here's to the future, then.