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Carve Fin Art

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BamBooBay artist Tom Seager - Carve Fin Art
Meet Tom, an artist who creates artwork for one of our top brands, BamBoobay. Hi, I’m Tom Seager and I’m an artist and animator based in Braunton, North Devon. I print bold longboard fin design linocuts and more recently, I’ve been...
The BamBooBay: Hydrofoiling through caves on the Isle Of Wight
  Hydrofoiling with BamBooBay The guys from BamBooBay love getting out and exploring the UK, trying different outdoor sports and adventuring in new places. You can follow their stories on the BamBooBay website. Be sure to sign up for special...
BamBooBay Story
BamBooBay was started by Amy and Ludi in Brighton in 2012. They met on a winter season in Austria and shared a passion for snowboarding and outdoor sports/travel/adventure. When they moved back to the UK they wanted to keep a...