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Surf Buying Guide – Part 2: Fins

Surf Buying Guide – Part 2: Fins


Beginner’s Guide


Surfboard fins have two purposes; speed and stability. The fins help hold you in place so don’t spin and slide all over the place like someone out of Tokyo drift, and the added stability makes controlling your surfboard so much easier! Fins are important to help you DRIVE your momentum!


Fins & Fin Boxes


It’s import to choose the right fin base to match the fin box that’s installed into your surfboard since they’re not cross compatible. There are two main systems Twin-Tab FCSII and Single-Tab Future fin boxes, also a lot of older boards will still have FCS original system (check pictures for reference). There are a lot of different brands out there but they all use these same styles of fin base.


Size and Weight


When talking about fin size, we’re either talking about total surface area and/or depth and base length all wrapped into one to give you a fin size.

You’ll often see single fins classified by their depth, while fin sets are often classified by their overall size based on surface area, base and depth size.


Generally speaking, smaller surfboard fins will have more turn control while sacrificing drive and hold, while larger fins will have more stability/hold and drive with a larger turning radius.


FCS Fins Size Chart:

  • XS: under 120 lbs / under 55 kg
  • S: 120-155 lbs / 55-70 kg
  • M: 145-175 lbs / 65-80 kg
  • L: 165-200 lbs / 75-90 kg
  • XL: 190+ lbs / 85+ kg


Futures Fins Size Chart:


  • XS: 75-115 lbs / 34-52 kg
  • S: 105-155 lbs / 48-70 kg
  • M: 145-195 lbs / 65-88 kg
  • L: 180+ lbs / 80+ kg