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Board Shorts Buyers Guide!

Board Shorts Buyers Guide!

Originally known as surf trunks, later as Jams, and occasionally as swim shorts, Board Shorts are a style of Men's and, more recently, Women's summer wear. Board Shorts have evolved over the last 50 years and separated themselves from the simpler swim trunks category from which they originated. Stylish and functional, a good pair of board shorts will work in all kinds of summer occasions.

Before you pick up a pair for your next wild adventure into tropical paradises unknown, be sure to read through this guide on what the different styles have to offer and so you know the best kind of Board Shorts for you.

 The 3 most common types of Boardies are…

Performance / Signature:

This pro’s choice. Crafted from Rhythm's signature soft stretch poly cotton fabrication in a 16.5”, above the knee classic style featuring a spliced Berry and Mineral Blue geometric graphic inspired by vintage hand painted silk screen art.


Also known as ‘submersibles’, they are the one short to rule them all!! They are the perfect blend of land and water with the quick-drying material of a board short and the formal style (and pockets!) of a walk short. Half technical and half fashion; hybrid shorts give you the full pocket range plus the stretchy performance of the Pro. This versatile style gives you the option of wearing your favourite shorts to a BBQ with the crew followed by a sunset dip at the beach. Also useful for every sport i.e. rock climbing, mountain biking and hiking.


Pool / Volley:

Elastic waist/ or draw string board shorts which are usually shorter in length and made from standard fabric with no stretch in the fabric. Perfect for casual pool / beach days and jamming in the sunshine.

Traditional board shorts come in a few lengths, the shortest at 18 inches and longest at 22 inches.


  • 18” length is the shortest you’ll find generally. They offer more of a retro look. And a bit more upper thigh tanning opportunity.
  • 19” inch is the sweet spot for sports as it doesn’t quite cover the knee and isn’t too short that it turns into a thong while shredding!
  • 22” length is most likely going to be the longest. If you have long legs or just want more coverage, this might be the best option for you!

If you are looking for something a little shorter check out the full range of Volley shorts for that old school swim short look.