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BamBooBay Story

BamBooBay Story

BamBooBay was started by Amy and Ludi in Brighton in 2012. They met on a winter season in Austria and shared a passion for snowboarding and outdoor sports/travel/adventure. When they moved back to the UK they wanted to keep a connection with the things they loved and as Amy had worked most of her life in fashion and retail they decided to start their own clothing brand BamBooBay.

After lots of research into the fashion industry and materials etc they realised the global impact the fashion industry has on the environment and wanted to try and run BamBooBay a different way to protect the nature and outdoors that they loved so much. Although there wasn’t many options for sustainable fabrics and materials back then they found some organic cotton and bamboo fabrics and that’s where it all began.

After touring round the UK festival scene setting up pop up shops and market stalls they moved out to the French Alps and made a name for the brand in Meribel. They spent some summers in the South West of France in the beautiful surf spot that is Hossegor and then onto Whister Canada the whole time taking BamBooBay with them.  

BamBooBay is made up of friends and ambassadors, some made along the journey and some homies right from the start that share the same passions and live the same dreams. From the Isle Of Wight to the West coast of Australia the BBB homies are out there doing their thing and enjoying life.

BBB is continuously finding new ways to make less of an impact on the environment and it’s always at the forefront of everything they do. They don’t want to be preachy or make a huge point about it as they believe it should/has to be the industry standard, they are stoked to see the scene they love embracing this change which is even more important now, than it was back in 2012 when the brand was born.  

Their main goal is to deliver high quality, eco conscious clothing and accessories at an affordable price that represent the activities, people and places that they have based their lives around and to be part of and build the community that embraces those same values.