Two Seasons

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Need new ideas for your daily skate sessions? Meet the UK stalwart, Marc Churchill, through this amazing 42 second video thanks to Santa Cruz! Recorded at Bartley Skatepark, Marc Churchill kills the game with his relaxed mode of movement and exclusive style. Natural ease, dynamism and originality are the best skills you can learn from this UK iconic figure. Shop Independent Apparel ...

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Go Skate Day 2018

It's that time, Go Skateboarding Day is here again. Most of our stores are celebrating with local, unique events set up just for you. Get involved in competitions and raffles to be in with a chance of winning new Element merch, there's something for everyone to get involved in! Bristol WHEN: Thursday 21st, 7:00pm The plan is to head over to the new skate spot in B...

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Element Commit or Quit Collection

Every skater has been in that situation, huge stair set, a big drop. Your mind is saying ''dude, that is gnarly, don't even go there'' But your heart is screaming out ''let's do this, you got this!" It's part of everybody's life, committing to those moments that spark our imagination. That is Commit or Quit. Ornamental Conifer takes on this approach in his everyday work as an ...

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Need a little help getting inspired for the new snow season??Here's a couple of clips to get you in the mood. Some effortless carving and snow park ripping from Tyler Chorlton and the trailer for the new Snowboarder Mag film; Pepper. Featuring Bode Merrill, Chris Grenier, Mikey Rencz, Nils Mindnich, Sage Kotsenburg and a tonne of others..Check out our new Snow Outerwear selection here >

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Evan and Mason - Rough Cuts

"There doesn’t seem to be much that Evan can’t do on a skateboard and the best part is that he seems to be improvising as he goes. Spontaneous and perfectly wild, Evan is on another level." - Words from Thrasher Magazine."Mason has unlocked a secret level and he’s the only one allowed to play the game. Seriously, this guy is a force!" - Words from Thrasher Magazine.

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