Two Seasons

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Ray Barbee - A Wider View

“A Wider View” explores the legacy of Ray Barbee and his fascination with analog photography. This short film examines Ray’s passions and influencers through archival footage, an experimental printing process, and a series of interviews key to Ray’s journey including appearances by iconic creatives Sean Cliver, Brian Gaberman, Thomas Campbell and Joe Brook. Filmed and Edited by Mark Stewar...

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The Element Perspective - Fernando Elvira

Born and living in the Spanish basque country, artist Fernando Elvira works on any medium available, from photography and collage to mural painting and sculpture. His work is mostly known for his unique made-with-scissors graphic art. The “Los Amigos” Series by Fernando Elvira is now available at online and in selected stores as part of the Element Perspective project. Take a look into Fernando...

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Keep Discovering The Mohave Backpack

The urban and the natural. These two seemingly opposite landscapes have contributed to form what Element is today. They've taken the core of these two terrains as their inspiration for the new Camp Collection backpacks. Designed to traverse in the hoods and the woods, with all the storage space and components you need for wherever your trail takes you. The Mohave Backpack has a 30 liter capa...

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