Two Seasons

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Keep Discovering The Mohave Backpack

The urban and the natural. These two seemingly opposite landscapes have contributed to form what Element is today. They've taken the core of these two terrains as their inspiration for the new Camp Collection backpacks. Designed to traverse in the hoods and the woods, with all the storage space and components you need for wherever your trail takes you. The Mohave Backpack has a 30 liter capa...

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Check out the brand new HUF NYC video featuring Brad Cromer, Jake Anderson, Austyn Gillette, Matt Gottwig, Dick Rizzo and special guest Brendan Carroll. Shot by Brandon Kuzma and Tyler Cichy, Edited by Brandon Kuzma Discover New Arrivals from HUF here > Crystal Wash Triple Triangle T-S...

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Element Keep Discovering

Check out the new #ELEMENTKEEPDISCOVERING video - standing for an "inclusive and positive global movement motivating individuals to discover, find and learn new things in life through the avenues of skateboarding, art, music, contemporary subcultures and the outdoors." Video shot in Vancouver, Canada. Featuring Element riders Brandon Westgate, Nassim Guammaz & Dominick Walker. Music by ...

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