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Vans Side Stripe

Vans Side Stripe

The Old Skool from Vans was launched over 38 years ago, find out more about this classic style...

The 1970s...The Old Skool debuted in 1977 as the so-called “Style 36”, and showcased the now iconic Vans sidestripe. A new low-top style as Vans’ first skate shoe that incorporated leather panels and a classic style was born.

The 1980s...The notion of footwear as an expression of personality has grown into an integral part of the Vans DNA, and the Old Skool its trusty and coveted canvas.

The 1990s...Collaborations became a major part of representing a brand, tapping into the realm of haute couture, a partnership with Marc Jacobs gave Vans an opportunity to play with premium materials.

The 2000s...When early US punk rock movement icons, such as Henry Rollins, started appearing on small club stages wearing Old Skools in their teens, kids diving off stage around the country followed. 2014...This season’s Old Skools speak the language of the current collections for Spring ‘14 as a whole. From heritage colorways dating back to the 1960’s and 1970’s to reissued prints and patterns from the archives featuring the original Van Doren heel tab , this expanded assortment is all about colour, patterns, and materials. Catering to individuals from every corner of every spectrum, the Old Skool does what Vans does: grow with and celebrate the people who love the Vans on their feet.

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