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UK Junior Wakeboard Champion - Kallum Wilson

Last month we introduced UK Junior Wakeboard Champ, Kallum Wilson. So we were super stoked to hear all about his recent surfing adventures in the Maldives!

Read Kallum's diary entry on the experience..

''Following on from last months blog, I have lots to update you on!

I've just got back from an amazing family holiday to the Maldives - one word sums it up, WOW!
I got to wakeboard on the back of a boat, it was so nice to ride in clear, warm water - a bit different to riding in the UK!
I also did some paddle boarding and wind surfing, which was great fun but the best part of the holiday for me, was snorkeling. There were so many different types of fishes, all shapes, sizes and colours,
it was like swimming in an aquarium. I also swam with turtles, they were so friendly and didn't seem to mind us being there, there were also a lot of sharks - both black tip & white tip reef sharks which were bigger than me! I saw sting rays & eagle rays, on our last day we went on a sunset cruise and saw dolphins, which was amazing to see them jumping next to the boat along with a baby dolphin. Just want to say a massive thanks to Billabong as they sent me some really cool items for me to wear on my holiday.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the best day ever as I landed a new trick called a 'back roll reeve' which is basically a back roll with a 180 off of both the water and off of the kickers, I was so stocked to 'claim' it (landing it 3 times in a row)

Tomorrow I get an amazing opportunity to go to a wakepark in Turkey to have a week of intensive coaching with some top pro-riders - I can't wait!
I am planning on learning lots of new air tricks that haven't been claimed by anyone of my age in the world. When I was 10 I claimed raleys and crypts which only a handful of people in the world have ever landed at my age, to do that again would be an amazing feeling.

My local cable park is now open on Wednesdays & Fridays, which means I can finally ride after school again! - it seems to have been ages since I have been able to ride in the week and soon I will be able to ride every day as the summer draws in. The competition season is nearing but a bit disappointed as first competition has been postponed/cancelled - so not sure of the next date.

Please feel free to like & share my sportsperson page on Facebook and stay tuned for more updates on my progress as the year goes on!

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