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​THE BRANCH – Element behind the scenes

​THE BRANCH – Element behind the scenes

Recently a new Element office opened its doors, on the shores of California. Which keeps to the brands home grown DNA and this is how ‘The Branch’ was born.

Exclusively on the Two Seasons blog we bring you a behind the scenes view on the new Element HQ. It’s pretty easy to say that we all wouldn’t mind turning up for work here everyday!

A brand that allows its workers to actively take part in there passions throughout the working day, its like if Yvon Chouinard (let my people go surfing) had built a surf break at the office.. Element have created an environment that you wouldn’t want to leave, because honestly everything that you could want is there!

Skate ramps, artist studio spaces, instruments, and fresh organic vegetables everyday provided by an on-site vegetable patch!

Here’s what the element marketing manager had to say..

"Our passion lies in rethinking the way we work, live and give back. We ensure our space is an open home to Element friends and family, whether that be offering a mini ramp for our team to skate, or a studio space for our artists/Advocates to create new work! Visitors are sure to find music always playing, incense lit, and someone’s pet to welcome them at the door… If they’re lucky, they will get in on one of our family dinners, made from home-grown veggies straight out of our on site cooperative garden!"