Two Seasons

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Skateboard Guitars

Skateboard Guitars

When it comes to your old skate board decks there’s really not much use for the once loved piece of wood that used to live under your feet for the last few months, weeks or days (depending on how lucky you were)

When you think about it, it will either end up in a number of ways..

1. In the the bin with 2 little kids fighting over each half.

2. You may nail it to your wall as a shrine.

3. Or you lay it to rest at your local skateboard graveyard (yes they do exist)

Luthier Ezequiel Galasso from Argentina and professional skateboarder Gianfranco de Gennaro Gilmour found something pretty epic to do with their old skateboarders, creating the first ever range of Skate guitars! Now if only they provided us a ‘how to guide’ Check out their insane creations below!

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