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Unorthodox Skate Parks

Unorthodox Skate Parks

We've come to the conclusion that we all love epic looking skateparks.. and in all honestly what is there not to like?! We recently popped up a picture of the mouth watering Water Melon skatepark in Brusquitas, Argentina by artist Patricio Pascal( which racked up over 1000 likes on our Instagram account! So we thought we'd treat you to some of our most favourite skateparks and dig out a little more info on them, and some awesome video content.

1. professional skateboarder Bob Burnquist built a floating skate park on the crystal clear waters of Lake Tahoe - Designed by Jerry Blohm and Jeff King, the ramp took over 300 man hours, 1,250 screws, and nearly 7,300 pounds of lumber.

2. Octopus Skatepark of Lugano by artists Christian Rebecchi & Pablo Togni, better known as the 'Nevercrew'

3/4. The Converse Fixed to ride bowls! Again by our favourite watermelon artist Patricio Pascall, he has been the creative behind the last three event master pieces!

Check out some behind the scenes videos below of how these parks were created!

Seen something epic? show us your favourite parks by tagging your photos with #2Sskate on social or comment below!