Two Seasons

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RVCA Skate Tour

RVCA Skate Tour

On the 22nd, 24th and 28th of October the RVCA ‘Rain or Shine’ tour visited our three stores: Bristol, Kingston and Nottingham. I was lucky enough to be sent with my camera to cover the events, which were the first events I had photographed and I am happy with how the photos came out. But less about me and more about the events.

At Bristol (22nd) there were RVCA goody bags for everyone who had wrist bands. It started off with the signing where the kids could meet the Pro’s and get stuff signed by them. You could tell that the kids, as well as the Two Season’s team were hyped because it was so going well. After the signing, Josh Harmony’s band ‘Freckles’ performed a gig (you can listen to their music here After the gig, we took a flat bar out front and got the kids skating to wind down the night, with free t-shirts at stake there were some bangers thrown down.

At Kingston (24th) the format was much the same as Bristol. As the skaters arrived well before time, someone suggested that we go to the local park and have a quick shred. On arrival they killed the park, then after an hour or so we went back to the store to get ready for the event. The signing went well and the gig was sick!

Finally at Nottingham (28th) the store event went well with a good crowd of people of all ages. After ‘Freckles’ finished their gig we all made our way to Clifton Skate Park. On arrival there was music playing and the park had been stickered up with a load of RVCA stickers. Just like Kingston Park, Clifton park got KILLED, in my eyes the people that shredded the hardest were ‘Spanky’ and Jeremy Leabres, but don’t get me wrong the whole team were SO sick! All in all, 3 good days and a lot of good memories.

I met a lot of cool people and I am looking forward to more events in the future.

Words and Photography by Milo - Photography Assistant