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Ray Barbee - A Wider View

“A Wider View” explores the legacy of Ray Barbee and his fascination with analog photography. This short film examines Ray’s passions and influencers through archival footage, an experimental printing process, and a series of interviews key to Ray’s journey including appearances by iconic creatives Sean Cliver, Brian Gaberman, Thomas Campbell and Joe Brook.

Filmed and Edited by Mark Stewart and Cole Mathews. Special thanks for additional contributions from Kurt Hayashi, Greg Hunt and Vans.

When Ray Barbee's first ever pro model skateboard hit the shelves in the late eighties, two legends were born. The "Ragdoll" graphic was created by Sean Cliver, and also served as his first. Ray's admiration flourished for his unique style, innovative tricks and infectious smile; while Sean Cliver went on to shock the world with some of the most iconic skateboard graphics of all time. These two living legends have reunited for an Element collection with a new take on the timeless art now synonymous their contributions to the rise of modern street skating.

Words by Element Brand

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