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Oakley presents - Snowboarding For Me

Oakley presents - Snowboarding For Me

Last week we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to go check out the new Oakley film: Snowboarding For Me, alongside the new Oakley Prizm goggles.

Some incredible new tech matched with an epic showcase of the worlds best snowboarders hucking off huge hips and getting emotional about double corks – we couldn’t have asked for much more.

The new goggles in Oakley’s words are the ‘dawn of a new lens technology’ allowing you to see further and clearer in a range of different light conditions. Put technically – The lenses strategically block wavelengths along the colour spectrum in order to maximize contrast between colours, providing the rider with reduced eye fatigue and enhanced vision. If you have ever been out riding on a beautiful blue bird day and the clouds come in; flat light can cause some serious visibility issues, with a Prizm lens in your artillery this will no longer be a problem. Here’s a short video from Oakley explaining how it all works - . The Prizm range is well worth a look at and having seen the new goggles up close it’s clear Oakley are continuing to push the boundaries with yet another high quality product.

As for the film, Snowboarding For Me boasts a collection of some of the best riders out there, past and present. From JP Walker and Terje Hakonsen through to Nicolas Müller and Eero Ettala. The film follows the diverse riding styles of the Oakley team while also highlighting narratives from the riders about what snowboarding means in their lives. It gives a real insight in to the history of freestyle snowboarding along with the all important deep powder, rail jibbing, halfpipe seshing, backcounty booter shots that every good film needs. With high production value and a really strong cast this film is a must see. You can grab yourself a copy on itunes -

The evening also presented the opportunity to chat with some film stars. In my eyes far more interesting than the ones in Hollywood. Having been glued to snowboard films since I first clipped in I was keen to meet, face to face, some snowboard legends from the silver screen. I was stoked to meet some of the pro's and grab some photos of the signing after the film. Trying to remain chilled and also explaining to Nicolas Müller that he was the reason I started snowboarding was a challenge but leaving with the solid advice to 'keep shredding the gnar' suggests it went well.

I think Nico summed up the whole evening pretty well - "I know life is serious..... but for me, thats why we have snowboarding."

Here are a few shots from the night at the Curzon Mayfair Theater in London. Really good to see the riders out supporting the film.

Words and photography by: Ali - Two Seasons Photography Assistant

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