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Melodie Road Tests Some of our Bikinis

Melodie Road Tests Some of our Bikinis

Here at Two Seasons, we know how difficult it can be to find the right bikini for you, especially if you're shopping online! To sort out all your problems we collaborated with Melodie Shakespear a 20 year old surfer, skater, model, Instagrammer and all round cool chick from St Ives, Cornwall. Check out what she thought of 6 of our favourite bikinis in the videos below.

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Liquid Rose Bralette & Liquid Rose Cheeky Bottoms Santorini Triangle Bikini & Santorini Tropic Bottoms
In Bloom High Neck Crop & In Bloom Cheeky Bottoms
Warhol Bandeau Bikini & Warhol Hawaii Bottoms

We asked Melodie a few questions about her life and surfing.

When did you first start surfing?

'I first started surfing around 5 years ago, because I live in such a surfy area and thought why not give it ago. I have absolutely loved it ever since catching my first green wave!

You live in St Ives, whats your favourite thing about living there?

'St Ives has the best surfing community, everyone loves it and people are always frothing to surf the best waves around! '

What's your favourite surf spot around the world?

'It would would definitely have to be Estagnots in Hossegor, France - the waves are always so perfect there! Also Lakey Peak in Sumbawa, Indonesia! You can't beat surfing in a bikini!'

If you're not surfing what are you doing?

'I do a bit of art work, walking the dogs, modelling, hanging out with friends and family or shopping.. oh yeah and eating! I love food! '

You've just got back from a 6 month trip around the world. Where did you go and where was your favourite place?

'So we went to Australia, Bali, Sumbawa and Hawaii... IT WAS INCREDIBLE! everywhere we went was different in their own quirky ways and I loved every minute! My favourite place would have to be Hawaii, it's paradise! Everywhere you look is like a postcard, it's kinda hard to get your head around it - warm water, incredible food, friendly, welcoming people, sick waves, white sand and clean beaches! I had the best time there!

'Did you or do you plan on going to uni? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?'

'I haven't yet been to uni but I'm looking at maybe going in the future to do art, as I did it in college and loved it! In 10 years I hope to be doing what I'm doing now! I don't ever want to stop travelling and living this lifestyle because it's just the best and I've learnt so much from it! Oh and I also want to start bee keeping...'

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