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Meet Felcity Palmateer

Meet Felcity Palmateer

You may have seen this beauty popping up now and again on our @twoseasons_girls Instagram account. Introducing Billabong surfer and artist Felicity Palmateer, hailing from the shores of Australia, Felicity oozes effortless creativity and style, all channeled by her love for the ocean.

We were stoked when the Billabong X Felicity Palmateer's collaboration dropped in our stores! Shop it now here and learn a little more about Felc in her latest Billabong interview below!

Can you describe yourself in a few words?

Outgoing, Adventurous, bubbly and positive.

How did you start surfing and what do you love about the sport?

I was brought up a beach baby. Ever since I can remember my Mum and Dad would walk my brothers and I down to the beach where we would have a swim before breakfast. My Dad taught me to surf when I was around five years old. But I didn't really start competing in competitions until I was about twelve. Now my Dad and I share a really strong bond together because of something that we both love.

Where do you find inspiration for your art?

I draw almost all of my inspiration from the ocean. I think because I’m in it so much and I’m thinking about it everyday. The ocean is so amazing because there are no two days that will ever be the same, it’s constantly changing. Each day I wake up and go for a surf it always looks different, it’s sort of like us, it has different moods and I like that a lot. I also draw a lot of my inspiration from the different places that I’ve travelled to, one of my favourite places so far has been Morocco.

Tell us about your t-shirts, what inspired you for this Billabong collab?

Most of the designs that are in this collab I designed while I was in in Indonesia last year so I drew a lot of my inspiration from the Balinese culture especially the detail of the temple architecture. I also draw a lot of inspiration from things that I find washed up on the beach such as feathers and drift wood with beautiful patterns that have naturally happened over time as they have been rolled and tossed through the sea.

What does ‘ocean air – salty hair’ evoke for you?

Hot summer days, summer fruits and long days at the beach with your best friends. Basically freedom.

In what situation would you wear these t-shirts?

They are pretty casual so I’d probably wear them everyday and pair them with some cute denim cut-offs. I think they’re perfect for the beach or just to through over a bikini.

Is your artwork a reflection of yourself or more of what is around you?

I think that it’s a combination. I think I express myself through the colours that I use in my work depending on how I’m feeling at that point in time when I created that piece. However, my illustrations are a reflection of what is around me and where I am in the world.

You are drawing a lot on surfboards, what is your favorite medium to work on?

I love drawing on my surfboards because I like to make my boards look pretty. I especially love to apply bright colour to them so that contrast against the blue water. My favorite medium to work on though will always be a really nice piece of canson paper using water colours and inks with illustration over the top.

How does travelling influence your art?

Being a professional surfer I’m constantly on the move and over the last few years I’ve travelled to some pretty cool places so I’ve been exposed to some pretty amazing cultures, landscapes and people. So I’m never really short for inspiration.

Surfing and art seem to really be related as many surfers have a creative mind, how do you explain that?

Well for me surfing and art are my two passions in life and I think they share a great synergy. Riding a wave is a lot like painting a picture. The wave is your canvas and you’re free to draw whatever lines you want.

How do you split your life between surfing and art?

I’ve never really had to split or set a certain amount of time aside for one or the other. If the waves are good I’ll surf and if it’s flat I’ll do art.

Do you ever get artists block?

Every now and then I do. But with the constant travel it never lasts too long before I’m inspired again.

What are you up to? Any new projects?

Right now I’m on a plane heading down to Mexico for the next WQS event. Surfing a lot and trying to create new pieces whenever I have the spare time. I have a few different techniques that I’m experimenting with for a possible exhibition at the end of this year back home in Australia.

What’s your motto?

I guess I just try to be as positive as I can and make the most of every opportunity.