Two Seasons

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This Summer, SUPRA hit the UK for a month long residency; visiting key cities around the country to street skate, attend demos and host parties, culminating in a closing demo at London’s Frontside Gardens Skate Park in Hackney Wick.

Continuing their commitment to the regeneration of skate parks both in the UK and around the world, SUPRA and legendary skate boarder Chad Muska worked with the Frontside Gardens founder Andrew Willis to create a bespoke obstacle that would become a permanent fixture of the Frontside project, supporting the continued longevity of the park and its legacy within the local community.

Chad lent his technical skate knowledge and design skills to assist Andy’s build of a centre-piece that complimented the banks and ramps at either end of the park. In addition to the obstacle, Chad demonstrated his artistic talents, adding to the park’s ‘Wall of Fame’ with a temporary design, both revealed at the SUPRA UK Residency closing demo in July.

‘I wanted to create something that would help inspire kids…so this (mural) is called, ‘Infinite Potential’. Infinite potential lies within in all of us and a lot kids don’t realise that, so I think it will be a positive statement for kids that are here skating to look at and just to confirm to them that they have infinite potential and anything is possible. (Frontside Gardens) is an all around fun spot and I wanted to create an obstacle and object that can inspire kids and help them further in skateboarding, help keep them keep interested in this place, and give them something more to challenge themselves with. So that’s why we’re here. To create, build and enjoy what we have. I’m so excited to be in London and make this happen. It’s amazing’. Chad Muska, July 2014

Filmed by: Grant Schubert Alan Hannon Dennis Martin Melodie Rouland