Two Seasons

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Element Timber - Behind the Scenes

Chad Eaton also known as Timber! is an artist based in Los Angeles, California. He is an Element Advocate and has been involved in Element collaborations since 2006

"My characters were drinkers, they’re all blue-collar workers; so I drew a really involved bar scene.
I started from a little thumbnail and it got a little bit bigger and a little bit more refined. It took me around 400 hours to fill in and 5 versions to orchestrate all of what’s going on inside of it.

There’s a bunch of little stories going on; there’s raccoons stealing alcohol. There’s the traders who are my villains peering in through the windows they’re about to do something to the inside of this bar but I’m planning on drawing an exterior shot of this where they’re surrounding the place. I can’t seem to make anything without adding a story to it!

As I was drawing this I kept thinking about how I was going to expand on this world whether it’s making up new fake products within this world. Boot Beer is in there; I’ve got a fake band in there. The drawing also has some Indians or Native Americans so it’s the first appearance of them.

There’s 6 t-shirt graphics which were pretty inspired by what the workmen would be wearing in the bar and hopefully they will make it to the hardgoods; the skateboards.

The 4 cut and sew pieces will be named after the 4 groups of characters that in the bar scene. The Bygones are the skeletons. There are the Fallers that are lumberjacks and workers. There are the Traders that are like the bosses, kind of like the villains and there’s the Keeper who is the Bigfoot character.

Another one of the main inspirations for this collection was the ‘Workman’s Bond’ and so I decided maybe a handshake would be the best to represent that.

Everything I do pretty much leads to the next thing so my next group of drawings or my next project will probably have a lot of hints from this drawing and the story will continue. "
So if you want to see what happens next, stay tuned!

Check out Chad's site and shop the collection here