Two Seasons

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Christian Fletcher X RVCA

When you think of Christian Fletcher the word RADICAL is more than likely the first thing that comes to everyone's mind.

When we say this guy can shred, it doesn't even cover it. Christian Fletcher was throwing shapes over 20 years ago and even looking back on it all today, it still blows our minds!

Born in Oahu by longboard revivalist Herbi Fletcher, there was no doubt Christian Fletcher wouldn't be anything but a surfer. His unique approach and style to the sport was just something no one had ever come across before, and still today Christian Fletcher is seen as a surfing artist. Christian's style was a natural progression from fusing his skate techniques and bringing them in with him to the water. Something that had just never been attempted in the surf scene before. Christian states "I just grew up skateboarding, and it seemed like, you know, I was doing airs on my skateboard and it just seemed natural to do on the surfboard, too. I just couldn't stand doing what everybody else was doing".

The launch of the new RVCA X Christian Fletcher range takes us back to his Surf Punk days, reminding us just how rad Fletcher really is. A surfer, skater and musician, when he wasn't in the water or on a ramp, he was touring with his band. The collection revives his iconic fluro, skeleton graphic, reminding us of Christian's 'Shred till your dead' attitude! Shop the latest collection here