Two Seasons

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Billabong X Beach Bazaar

Billabong X Beach Bazaar

Beach Bazaar is a true celebration of the vibrant and playful spirit of our world traveler.

On no schedule but her own our girl soaks up everything around her and has a unique way of mixing all things quirky, feminine and perfectly worn in. The Beach Bazaar girl celebrates summer year-round and enjoys a lighthearted wardrobe that feels effortless on the sand or layered up in busy Moroccan bazaars.

This collection is filled with embellishments with beads, mirrors and applique, adding sparkle and detail and depth to the collection’s clean and stylish cuts... imagine the Beach Bazaar girl’s warm days and blissful nights, as she fills both her heart and her suitcase with all her favorite finds from both near and far.

Fall in love through her eyes and soak up all things carefree #wandermuch

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