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#ASKJENNY - Questions and Answers

#ASKJENNY - Questions and Answers

Our #ASKJENNY competition has finally come to an end. We had some brilliant questions and some even better answers from the olympian herself. We would like to say a huge thanks to Oakley for sorting us out with some incredible prizes to give away.

Drum roll please . . . . . . Our winners are @reesandpeas and @joelear. Congratulations!! You have both won a pair of Oakley Airbrake Goggles.

Thank you for all the questions sent in, we loved hearing what Jenny had to say and we hope you do to;


#askjenny Did you ever feel like it would be difficult to rise up in a mostly male dominated sport?

Jenny - In all honesty it never really crossed my mind because I absolutely love snowboarding. At the end of the day it brought my male and female friends closer together because we shared the same passion. If anything it was great to be inspired from both sets of friends.


#askjenny Do you think Britain is becoming an increasing contender within snow sports and how do we make sure we have many more Olympic medals to come? (stop the gulf stream, buy in some snow, float us north a bit etc…)

Jenny - I think we have some great riders on the team and several youngsters with amazing potential to do well at an international level. To keep this growth I think we need keep the enthusiasm for snow domes and dry slopes and local facilities alive. This grass roots area is key, keeping a fun atmosphere with clubs and peer groups involved. I also think the indoor centres that you see in Colorado (Copper Mountain) and in Switzerland (Laax Mountain) would be fantastic in Britain and it would attract all ages and abilities. These centres have snowboard and ski ramps that drop into foam pits as well as creative trampoline set ups all of which you can practice tricks on and develop spatial awareness in a much lower risk environment to then take on the snow. I can already see the advantages of this type of facility in athletes like Aimee Fuller, Katie Summerhayes and Rowan coultas all learning technical tricks more quickly and now successfully landing them on snow. Its ace!


#askjenny Is it ever possible to fall gracefully?! I've never managed it!

Jenny - Hahaha! I am not sure I manage it either. I think to try and get away with the butt check! When you fall on your bum but then turn it into a stylish squat and stand back up using your quad strength and not using your hands. It happens so fast (what no i didn’t just fall over simply and have a little tap on the snow with my bottom) J


#askjenny Whats the worse injury you've had? Did it ever knock your confidence?

Jenny - I have had many many injuries over the years - knee operations, arm brakes, ankle brakes and shoulder ops. However I would say last year was by far the toughest injury i had to get through as I suffered a concussion which became post-concussion syndrome and it took a very long time to recover. It was made worse by the fact the Olympics were only two months away. It wasn’t a straight forward time frame and because it was my head it was constant, effecting balance memory, speech. I hadn’t lost my confidence in my snowboarding as such but during my rehab I had several worries and fear that I would not be ready in time and I had to keep on focusing on positives and making small steps. Encouragement and support from friends/family was essential. Honestly though, just deep in my gut believing I was going to get there and make it because I had worked so flipping hard then to have it taken away from me at this stage was gut wrenching.


#askjenny What tips and advice would you give to a first time boarder who is going on a snow tour? Trip?

Jenny - First timers, I would suggest investing in a pair of impact shorts. You will NOT regret it! But on the second day if you bruise your coccyx and cannot sit down for the rest of the week and your confidence is knocked you will regret not having any. If you’re going for a week remember, however fit you are and hard your pushing it, if your new to the sport it uses up a lot of energy and new muscles so at day three it’s okay to take it steady and chill. This way you’re not over tired and won’t start messing everything up. Learn with other newbies because its way more fun.


#askjenny Growing up, who was your biggest inspiration?

Jenny - My brothers, I just wanted to do everything they were doing, building rope swings, bonfires, riding bikes, going surfing. They were great fun to hang out with and I think they unknowingly inspired me to just get out there and do stuff


#askjenny If you could go back and tell your 10 year old self one thing, or give them one bit of advice, what would you say?

Jenny - When you reach about 19 or 20 yrs old several people will tell you that backflips aren’t cool, don’t listen to them, they are cool and will always be cool so don’t stop doing them because you will forever regret it.


#askjenny Best slopes you've been on?

Jenny - Every slope has its day but for me Rettalack in Canada BC was one of my favourite powder days while on an Oakley girls trip. So much fluffy powder on open fields and cool tree lines. Then after each shred down there was a CAT ride back to the top which had glove warmers inside, tea and cake. What more could a girl ask for on a day out snowboarding haha!


#askjenny What difference has competing in the Olympics made to how you feel about snowboarding, has it changed how much you enjoy it or the way you enjoy it at all?

Jenny - I think it is an experience like no other and before coming into the Olympics I was slightly naive to the differences I would feel compared to other contests. I think it is the most intense event i have ever and will ever compete in but I am extremely proud to have come away from it having achieved my goal. Has it changed how i feel about snowboarding?……No I still love going riding especially on a powder day!!

#askjenny What’s next in Miss Jones chapter? #oakley#snowboarding

Jenny - I hope to go on more backcountry adventures and learn to split board. I would love to go on a powder specific trip to Japan, something I have still not done yet. I also hope to get a good surfing trip in this year as that was a gift to myself if I did well at the Olympics and I have still yet to take it due to being so busy.

#AskJenny Where is your absolute favourite place to ride? #oakley#snowboarding

Jenny - Honest truth I don’t have an all-time favourite but I have a soft spot for the Port Du Soleil and for Tignes as these are the places I did previous seasons with great friends and created some long lasting memories. However I really do think there are so many awesome places to shred and very unique in their own right. Iceland - snowboard and surfing in one day and beautiful sunsets. Norway and the fjords, Japan and the endless powder. Jackson hole sledding and adventure lands with pillows and endless natural playgrounds. The list goes on and on….

If this doesn't inspire you to get out there on your old plank and get shredding we're not sure what will.

Thanks to Jenny for her answers and again to Oakley for their support.

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