Two Seasons

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World renowned classical guitarist Thibault Cauvin, Lacanau based surfer Adrien Valero and filmmaker Sebastien Chebassier world’s collide in a film about travel, freedom and adventure titled A L’infini Pour Ma Mere. Over many a night of music, conversation and wine, the three set out to combine their three passions.

Over the course of the winter Valero and Chebassier would scour the coast of Les Landes looking for empty waves and enlightenment. Cauvin, drawing inspirations from the waves, the surfing and the landscape, would then create his magic to be laid over the top.

“In the film I’m looking to leave society behind and to travels without aims or goals,” says Valero. “It’s a version of me, where I’m aiming to find the ultimate freedom without any need to come back. Ultimately we tried to find a meeting point between both the peacefulness of the ocean and the chaos of life on Earth.”

Of course in the midst of this collision is some incredible waves, ridden alone. Even in this part of Europe Valero finds a way to make fresh tracks and surf empty waves that brushed by cold offshores and framed by coastal forest. Cauvin, a surf devotee and traveling companion of Valero, then provided the perfect soundtrack to a unique piece of surf cinema. - Words by Billabong