Two Seasons

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Wolle Nyvelt’s and Andreas Monsburger’s new film Äsmosphere is a celebration of Nyvelt’s decade long commitment to fuse his passions of snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding. The result is fresh, progressive and totally unique, and most importantly, fun.

“I feel that the special thing about freeriding had became secondary,” says Nyvelt. “That feeling of spontaneity to see the mountain as a whole and to get lost in the trees with your friends and just shred.”

Nyvelt recaptured that feeling by the development of his own handshaped snowboard, the Äsmo Pow Surfer. Along with his partner Steve Gruber, they delved into the history of surfing and skateboarding, unearthing designs and listening to the iconic designers that made them.

By going back, they discovered a way to capture the feeling of surfing and skating on snow. Each Äsmo snowboard reflects that journey. They are unique works of art fused by the hands of Nyvelt and Gruber, and manufactured with the very latest machine technology.

Äsmosphere is the culmination of Nyvelt’s ten-year journey. The film is both radical and traditional, as free thinking, retro design and state of the art technology combine to push snowboarding to a happy place it has never been before.

“Using surfing and skateboarding, we’ve come up with a whole means of progression,” says Nyvelt, “but at the end of the day it’s not about what other people think about it, but how much fun and entertainment we can get ourselves.”

Words by Billabong and Wolle Nyvelt

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